July 8, 2017


Joshua Chapter 4 | Lincoln Murdoch

The Christian life is filled with paradoxes. Paradoxes are two sides of a truth that seem to be in conflict with each other. These are found throughout scripture and also face us regularly as we attempt to walk out a successful Christian life.

In Joshua Ch. 4, we find three paradoxes that jump out at us:

  1. Work/Action vs. Rest
  2. Follow Your (human) Leader vs. Follow Jesus!
  3. Look Back (remember / memorials) vs. Look Forward, Press On!!

The interesting thing is that great truth can be found on both sides of every Biblical and practical paradox. Don't let that drive you crazy. Let God guide you into whatever part of the truth is most import for you in this present season you're in. It might be to press forward, full-speed ahead...or...to simply lay down and enjoy the still waters and green pastures.

Keep looking forward towards the goal of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus....but also look back from time to time and remember the goodness and faithfulness of God in times past. It'll be fuel for your future!