July 1, 2017

Our lives are filled with challenges. Some we master and others seem to master us. And yet, God has set aside a spectacular inheritance for every one of his kids - for each believer. He has placed before us the 'territory' of our marriages, families, jobs, and dreams for the future. It's good land, but so often it doesn't come easily into our possession.

As the priests carried the ark of the covenant toward the edge of the flooded Jordan river, the only confidence afforded to them were the words God spoke to Joshua that the waters would part. They carried the presence of the Living God but they had to have faith that Yahweh would be faithful to his word. At last the priests had to take a step into the rushing water.

What 'territory' of your life waits beyond a raging river requiring you to take steps of faith? What steps does God want you to take toward the blessings set aside for you? These steps often feel like a test of faith but steps of faith have the ability to unlock massive blessings in our lives. God's tests are for the sake of our promotions. He puts barriers before us and asks us to listen to his voice and take steps so that his intentions for the blessings of our lives can be realized.

And you can be confident in these steps because like the ark of the covenant, the presence of the Living God is inside you! Wherever you go, that wonderful life-giving, water parting presence goes too! Just as with the priests, steps of faith are necessary to go where God is leading you.

Prayerfully consider where you think God wants you to go, what 'territory' he wants you to take, and ask the Lord what steps you can take in that direction. Remember, God will never leave you, forsake you, or fail you. Believe that his presence inside you can give you the strength to take steps of faith! Your breakthrough as the waters part may pave the way for many to step through the miracles left behind you!