July 15, 2017


Joshua 5 Recap

Just as with Joshua and the Israelites, the enemies of God become afraid when they hear what God is doing in your life. Dark spiritual powers receive word and they mount their attacks against you. Why are we so surprised when everything seems to be against us? Often we stand before the plains of Jericho like Joshua did surveying the immensity of our enemy’s strength and it is tempting to despair.

But there is one who stands before us with a drawn sword, and we say, “Are you for me or against me?” And the answer is...Take off your shoes, the place where you stand is holy.

We are only people, imperfect, flawed, weak, unequipped, unready, and unaware of what is needed to win the battle. But when the Captain of Angel Armies shows up and says, because of Me, you are holy, there is great reason to hope.

God’s holiness is our victory. An entire generation of new warriors in Joshua’s day was circumcised to capture the truth found in the presence of the Captain of Angel Armies – God’s worthiness is our worthiness, where he shows up, the ground becomes holy. Sin, death, and impossible odds bow before the King of Glory.

In the blink of an eye, Joshua and his people transitioned from manna to fruit, from sinful flesh to alignment with God, from gazing at the plains of Jericho to gazing at the Prince of Heavenly Armies. Jesus is the in-the-blink-of-an-eye-game-changer for all that stands impossible before us.

As we walk in humble obedience to the voice of the Lord, we will find fruit along the way, our flesh removed, and the Captain of the Host of Heaven with a drawn sword against our enemies. The book of Joshua is not merely a book of history; it is a book that is speaking directly into your life right now.

Jesus is a warrior-God who goes before you and loves you with a ferocious and unbridled desire to stand with you even in the valley of the shadow of death. Because his holiness has won the victory, we can wear bare feet before a perfect God who loves us just as we are. In his name, we confidently expect victory over that which stands between us and the blessings of our destiny.