January 21, 2018


Tribe Recap of January 21, 2018 | 2 Cor 10, Luke 8, Proverbs 12, Numbers 6

What words are you consuming – thinking about, repeating, and coming to believe? Are they the words God has said, or do they come from another place?  So much of our ability to engage in the power of words hinges on who we think we are.  So...who are you?

Do you believe you are a son or daughter of the Living God?  Do you believe that as a member of his family you carry the authority and affection of that family? It’s time to embrace who you really are: a royal son or daughter of the King of Glory.  You have been given much authority to bring life, blessing, healing, and joy to the world around you.

This is what it means to be a child of the King. Or do you think the children of the King are ugly and powerless?  These two words are commonly believed by God’s kids: that we are ugly and unwanted by God and powerless to change anything about our lives.  The exact opposite is true.  When you get your new body in Heaven you will find that you had been given a mind-boggling amount of beauty and power all along.  It’s time to start acting like the person you are – a citizen of Heaven.

Citizens of Heaven have authority because their identity is given to them by a Heavenly King.  He is our Father. Because he is who he is, we are who we are – beautiful and powerful.  Are you using your words to command the reality around you to conform to the will of Heaven?  Or do we tolerate darkness because we have been tricked into thinking we are powerless?

In Luke 8 Jesus’ rest is disturbed by a storm.  He gets up from his rest in the boat and commands the storm to cease – and it does.  The storm got in the way of Jesus rest after doing a lot of Kingdom work so he shut it down.  It’s that simple.  What is getting in the way of you doing Kingdom work?  Command that it be shut down.

It may seem strange, but this same power to calm the storm is not only something we can tap into, but it’s something Jesus expects us to use.  When we get to Heaven, do we really want to arrive with the mentality of a helpless victim? Because of the cross, an Overcomer lives in us.  Do we honor the cross by pretending to be powerless?

We have the ability to create breakthroughs by commanding them into existence.  As with anything we are unfamiliar with, operating in authority takes time to master, but starting to master our authority is something we must learn to do.  The world is depending on it.

The world also needs us to create blessing.  In Numbers 6 Aaron is given a set of words to bless the people with.  With these words, the Lord said to put his name on the people. Then he says, “I will bless them.”  Every head of household should be praying the words of blessing over their families, neighborhoods, communities and cities.  We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines in our day and age.  We are responsible to bring the blessings of Heaven upon the earth because we are the citizens of Heaven.

Jesus has gone to the Father and given us his Spirit to do Kingdom work.  We have all become those who still the storm and pronounce the blessings of Heaven.  It is our birthright and responsibility.  Therefore, consume the words of Heaven into your soul – operate from your true identity.  Command words that form Heaven around you.  Create blessing upon your families, communities, and cities. 

While you still walk the face the earth, you have the amazing opportunity to build Heaven in the midst of adversity.  This opportunity will never come again, and it is one that will be rewarded with an uncommon amount of favor from your Heavenly Father in the world to come. 

Ken JensenJustin Kofoed