January 14, 2018


Tribe Recap of January 14, 2018 | I Samuel 1

Sometimes it’s the distress in our lives that drives us to a moment with God.  The book of I Samuel begins with a woman named Hannah who had been allowed to suffer through a problem.  Her problem was that she was not able to have a child.  In her day and age, having a child was the sign of God’s blessing.  What did it mean that she was without this seal of approval?

To make matters worse, her husband’s other wife who had many children would ridicule and mock her causing an already difficult situation to be unbearable.  Each year as they were on their way to the temple, Hannah was cruelly put to shame.  It says in I Samuel 1:7 that Hannah was provoked to the point that “she wept and would not eat.”

This painful ritual lead Hannah to become distressed (v 10).  In her distress she went to the temple to pray.  She pursued the Lord.  In the temple she poured out her heart to the Lord so completely that the priest Eli thought she was drunk.  But even in the midst of being mocked, misunderstood, and deeply disappointed, Hannah asked God for her deepest desire to become a reality; she asked for a breakthrough.

Eli eventually understands and blesses Hannah, saying, “Go in peace; and may the God of Israel grant your petition that you have asked of Him.”  Hannah’s words brought her request to God and Eli used words to agree with and bless Hannah.

Hannah left the temple with a changed countenance.  The next morning Hannah got up early and worshiped God.  A process played out in the days following and Hannah become pregnant and had a son.  In verse 27 Hannah says, “For this boy I prayed, and the Lord has given me my petition which I asked Him.” She named the boy Samuel.

The next chapter of I Samuel begins with Hannah praising and thanking God.  It is a season of peace after a breakthrough.  Hannah’s story is that of a distressed soul that turned to the Lord and was answered.  In chapter 7 of this book, all of Israel get’s a breakthrough from their enemies because of Samuel’s guidance.  All of Israel had peace due to a man whose name means, “asked of God.”

This astounding breakthrough, which affected so many people, was because of Hannah’s decision to pray in the midst of her distress. It went like this: problem > provoked > distress > prayer > process > breakthrough > joy.

Can you find yourself in one of these stages or seasons?  And what if you knew that in turning to prayer you would end up on step 7: joy.  And what if you knew that not only would you get a breakthrough, but also that your breakthrough would be the breakthrough of an entire nation?

What should you do if you are distressed?  Provoked?  You should pray a bold and valiant prayer.  Hannah did and the result was joy for her soul and peace for a nation. Your distress may hold the breakthrough for a nation.  So pray, ask God, pour out your soul and trust God through the process of pain and disappointment.

Don’t give up, don’t become cold to God, and don’t lose heart.  In this world there will be trouble, but our God has overcome the world.  And as for you, you are the son or daughter of an Almighty Father King who was called you to overcome as well.


Prophetic Word from a Dec 31, 2017 Journal Entry

Keep going where I am sending you.  If I ask you to blow something up will you do it? Much needs to be blown apart – in particular, religious and dead mindsets.  Mindsets that are limited and grounded in fear - mindsets that do not allow my Father to be known.  In making Him known, many things get ‘blown up’.  I blew up a lot up in my time and people were not happy about it.  But what happened was that I blew up the wall of death between people and my Father and the people who could accept it went in to him and were saved.  Now I want to speak to you directly – about you and your 2018.  Eight is the number of gliding free after a breakthrough.  It is the number of rest; the number of fullness and weightiness and of being fully alive.  I will speak Life over you my son; I will speak my light into you this year and you will explode with life, wonder, joy, and flying free above the mountaintops.  I will defend you and protect you and you will see my faithfulness alive in living color.  Because you held on through the night I will dawn my Sunrise upon you.  Because you have leapt into space believing I would catch you, I will catch you.  And where you had feet before you will now have wings. Where you ran you will glide.  Where you arm-wrestled you will hold your opponent down – a decisive victory.  And I will cause your victory to be the victory for others.  As you gain breakthrough you will deliver breakthrough.  Keep fighting, believing, speaking, hoping, and walking straight forward.  And will I not make the way level before you?  Will I not raze the mountain and fill up the valleys?  Does my Father not know how to do this?  Didn’t he do it for me?  He will do it for you.  I am his Son and so are you.  Let us take dominion together – Jesus style, leading others carefully to Life, showing them the Way of Hope.  Those who walk in the way of Life will overcome those hanging on to darkness.  Darkness has a loud boast, but a weak arm.  When the Sons and Daughters of Light walk in the Way of Life, darkness stumbles and falls into the abyss. Yes, we will laugh, dance, and smile with the brightness of My glory as darkness is defeated!  Look forward to it!  Anticipate it!  Be on the edge of your seat for it!  Now, BELIEVE, reach deep inside you and you will find the Son of God believing for you, jumping up and down glad to see you.  Here I am! I am inside you!  Look inside not for something that’s wrong but for a King of All That’s Right. I am able, I Am.  I have always been, and I always will be.  Therefore, Hope is indestructible. 

Ken JensenJustin Kofoed