we are a tribe of people on adventure with God


Tribe Service

Sunday Mornings @ 9:30am

Where: Tribe Church (82nd & Blondo Street)

Please bring your Bible (made of trees!) // Children are welcome!

Note: We are a 501c3 non-denominational church in an intergenerational community (all ages working together)

Pastor Ken

Our Story

Ken was born in Omaha in 1976 and grew up attending Trinity Church, where he met his wife Erin.  Ken and Erin were married in 1999, beginning careers in teaching and nursing respectively. Ken is a UNO/UNL graduate and Erin is a graduate of Methodist School of Nursing.

After a few years of work and beginning their family, Ken and Erin felt a call to move their family to Afghanistan taking positions at a K-12 international school in Kabul. In 2007 the Jensens moved to Kabul with their 3 children, Jaden, Jett and Ava, with their 4th Alea on the way 2 years later.

Ken started as a high school science teacher and administrative assistant, but later became the school’s principal, supervising a staff of 30 and a student body of 350 students. Erin intended on helping at a local hospital but was called to found the Kabul Dance Studio, serving over 150 students during 5 years of operation.

After many adventures and 7 years in Asia, Ken and Erin returned to Omaha with their family. Ken entered ministry in 2016, accepting a position at a local church, but felt a call towards a dream God put in his heart to see people pastored in expressing the Kingdom of God through their passions and interests...their ‘God Dreams’!

During this time Erin founded Bloom Dance Studio. The studio is a good example of a "God Dream" – a form of worship and kingdom building that looks a little different than the day-to-day operations of a normal church. Ken believes these kinds of things are indicative to what God is doing in these days.  God is building His Kingdom in every part of our communities and cities!


Who Is Tribe?

Tribe is a community of people who put faith in Jesus and want to spend their lives together.  During the adventure of life, the people of Tribe want to encourage each other to reach deep within for their "God Dream," so that God can be known to the world through his wonders and joy. 

Tribe is a church and church is the vehicle God uses to demonstrate what he is like to the world.  Church should be a place where you enter loved and welcomed, with no strings attached, but leave full of Jesus and ready to build the Kingdom – to see God’s will done here on earth just as it is done in heaven.
Ken and Erin hope to see works like Tribe Church and Bloom Dance Studio become examples of God’s multi-faceted approach to showing us his joy and favor toward people.  They hope to see the people of Tribe Church become fully alive in all God has intended them to be!

Our Vision

To see every person at Tribe find and be pastored into their unique assignment...their “God Dream” that will show the world who God is.


Our Culture

We know and love God, we know and love each other, and we courageously pursue our “God Dreams.”

Our Mission

To teach each other and our children how to take ground for the Kingdom.


Our Strategy

Collect the Tribe

  • Trust God as He brings the tribe together


Pastor the Tribe

  • Laying a Foundation | Children and Adults
  • Teachings about who God is (His character and His Kingdom) | learning and exploring the Word
  • Encouraging Relationships | Getting to know people and their stories
  • Building Leaders | Mentoring and discipling youth and future leaders


Connect the Tribe

Honor the Generations

  • Energy & Youth
  • Leadership & Family
  • Wisdom & Experience


  • Generations who know and care for each other


Challenge the Tribe

  • Embracing discomfort by getting out of our comfort zones
  • Freedom to be unconventional
  • Fun & Events by letting go of religion and valuing relationship


Expand the Tribe

  • Advance the Kingdom - through arts, business, sports, education, missions, etc.
  • A Building - moving towards a community-style building that is used seven days a week and reflects the “God Dreams” of its people


Becoming a member of a church simply signifies your commitment to Tribe as your church home. It's a two-way commitment between you and us as a church! 


  • Access to member's web portal to leave feedback and see financial transparency information

  • Invitation to member's annual meeting

  • Preferred access to Tribe facilities as members seek to start community center activities and programming (as approved)

  • Heightened sense of pastoral attention - we want to take good care of you!


Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of my life and I am in agreement with the Statement of Faith of Tribe Church. Tribe Church is my church home and I desire to become a member of Tribe Church, come under their authority in regard to church discipline and resolving differences with others, and pursue walking fully in all God has for my personal destiny in the context of the Tribe Church community. 

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