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Progressive P.E. For Generation Z Thursdays: 12:30-1:25 pm

AGES: 8-14 years

TEACHERS: Diane and Dylan Cahill

DESCRIPTION: This P.E./fitness class breaks the mold of the common P.E. class found in traditional schools. Progressive P.E. is led by certified personal trainers and certified nutritionists. The class is built to teach, empower and challenge.

Each of the 12 weeks will focus on a different type of training, and will bring new ideas, interests, and challenges to all who are involved.

Class format:

  • warm-up (5 minutes)

  • workout (30 – 35  minutes)

  • teaching time /games (10 minutes)

  • cool down/stretch/core strengthening (5 minutes)

COST: $97 per 12 week semester (55 minute class)

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Mixed Media Art: 1:30 - 2:25 pm

AGES: 8-14 years

TEACHER: Monica Eby

DESCRIPTION: Mixed media is a fun class to try a little bit of everything to give students a wide variety of mediums and artistic styles. Your student will be encouraged in creative thinking and will be able to experiment with mediums, materials and ideas. This class is perfect for the budding artist!

COST: $117

  • $97 per 12 week semester (55 minute class)

  • $20 - Art Supplies

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The Apprentice Chef: Cooking and Baking Essentials: 2:30 - 4 pm

AGES: 8-14 years

TEACHER: Monica Eby

DESCRIPTION: To provide a creative and fun class environment the promotes creative thinking and exposure to various cooking and baking utensils, techniques and principles. Each class will be broken into small groups. Each group will prepare and cook their portion of the assignment. 30 minutes before the end of class we will discuss and share the food we prepared and clean up together.

COST: $197

  • $147 per 12 week semester (90 minute class)

  • $50 for cooking supplies and ingredients. Families will also have the opportunity to bring a few items already in their pantry at home

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CHEMISTRY – The Study of Matter:  Thursdays @ 12:30-2:30 pm

GRADES: 10th-12th

TEACHER: Ken Jensen

DESCRIPTION: Chemistry at Tribe Learning Community is designed to support the self-directed education program and goals of families who are pursuing homeschooling at the secondary level.  Where parents and guardians are responsible for grading, completion of homework, and observing state requirements, TLC Chemistry joins parents’ efforts in the successful completion of high school chemistry through comprehensive instruction of content in a God-honoring atmosphere that is inspiring to the student.

COST: Science supplies and equipment (costs shared by group)

NOTE: This class is the exception and it is a 15 week class.

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