September 30, 2018


Rosh Hashanah is the Hebrew New Year 5779

Adapted from Robert Heidler's talk from "Head of the Year 5779" Saturday Meeting

Rosh Hashanah is the Hebrew New Year and in its literal translation it is known as "Head of the Year" Sept 9th began the new year of 5779.

We are now in a New Season...a new prophetic season. God works in seasons, and he likes to remind us of that as the weather seasons change! Every year is a new prophetic season...Ecclesiastes 3: talks about how God has a time for everything and every season is different. 

This new prophetic season we are in will be unlike anything we have seen before. 

The question you might be asking --is: "What season are we coming into?" 

This will be a year to harvest the King’s vineyard and to let the new wine flow.

If we try to do the same thing in every season, we can MISS Gods blessing!

So how do we know God's times and seasons?

In Amos 3:7 - it says God does nothing with out revealing it to the His servants the prophets! If we receive prophesy, we can understand the times and prosper in every season.

God's revelation comes in many ways: through prophets, Rhema words (that,s a movie or road sign, etc.), through the gift of tongues and interpretation and through His calendar!

A lot of us don't know that God has a calendar, but the Bible really does say a lot about it. In the dark ages, the church switched to the pagan Roman calendar. We switched, but God didn't!

If we want to know what is happening, we need to look at God's calendar. We are in the Roman year 2018, but the Hebrew year 5779 just began. 

To help break this down, every Hebrew year has prophetic significance...we identify a year with numbers: 5779. The Hebrew language is unique, Hebrew numbers are also letters and sometimes the letter can spell a word.

5700 - is interpreted = "May it be the year of..."

70 - is the Hebrew letter AYIN (eye-in)

9 - is the Hebrew letter TET (tate)

Jews believe the Hebrew alphabet is part of God's revelation, as each letter is significant...let me explain why.

In Matt 5:18 Jesus said, " Until Heaven and earth shall pass away...not one yod: which is the smallest Hebrew letter, and not the smallest pen stroke (referring to making a Hebrew letter) will pass from Torah until all is fulfilled."

If we keep our eye on God's calendar we are not surprised by what is happening around us.

AYIN - which is the number 70 is the Hebrew word for eye or the season of the eye. God wants to increase our ability to see. He wants to give you fresh vision and He's saying, "Look again". He wants us to see beyond and to see in ways we haven't seen before, giving us clear vision.

He wants to take us from seeing only the physical realm we live in and into the unseen realm: the spiritual realm, where God lives.

This dimension is where angles and demons are. In an AYIN season, we will see angelic activity increase & the battle intensify! Satan wants to keep us ignorant of this battle, and God wants us to gain vision of the war taking place in the invisible realm. 

He wants to give you a new awareness of the warfare going on around you, so you can walk in faith and experience His victory! God wants you to know that Armies of Angels are ready to face down any enemy you will encounter, by releasing His host that are sent on our behalf to war in the heavenlies for us.

5779 is the year to hear the galloping of the angelic army and a year for the portal to open. God wants you to know this is on the way!

70 means the end of captivity. God gave Israel this promise in Jeremiah 29:10 "When 70 years are completed...I will come to you and fulfill my gracious promise to bring you back to this place." Based on that promise, Daniel began to intercede and captivity ended.

God wants to deliver you from your captivity this year!

70 also mean the year of empowerment and release into ministry.

Numbers 11: says God poured out the spirit on 70 elders in Israel and they prophesied.

Luke 10: says Jesus sent out 70 to heal the sick, cast out demons and proclaim the Kingdom of God.

This is a season to receive Holy Spirit's power and move forward in faith to see signs and wonders! Expect the power of the Spirit to be poured out in a fresh way this year!

This is a year of submitting ourselves to the King, to submit our lives to Him - honor Him in everything. Its important to submit to His timing and purposes, bowing down before Him and worship. If we don't submit our lives to the King this year, evil can overtake us. Evil is like a serpent waiting at the door this year. We must discern between good and evil, between pure and impure.

In Hebrew the number 9 is a symbol of a womb and also wineskin. It also pictures the full manifestation of Holy Spirit.

1 Cor 12: there are 9 gifts of the Spirits manifestation of Gods power.

Gal 5: there are 9 fruits of the Spirits manifestation of Gods character.

Let Holy Spirit manifest Himself in you. This is a year to gather for an "Upper Room" experience!

This is also a pregnant year...the new vision God has given you, is in the womb! It’s time for your vision to be brought to birth and to welcome what God is birthing in your life this year.

Many of us, have vision for a fresh and new outpouring of the God's Spirit like we have never seen before in the church. God is saying, its time for a New Movement - the Spirit of the Lord will define it - month to month!

Expect an outpouring of Holy Spirits Power, Joy and LIFE.

God has given us, the church to form a new wineskin. No new wine must be poured into old wineskin. The Glory of God is the New Wine. He will only pour His wine into a new wineskin. When the wineskin is complete, God will pour out the New Wine.

Key Verse this year: Ps. 34:8 "Taste and see that the Lord is good!" Most of us never learn to taste properly.

To taste: is to receive or experience something.

To discern: is to ponder, to savor and think about what you taste.

To declare: to draw conclusion and render your verdict.

1 - Look, see what the Lord has done, open our eyes and see His blessings. Don't take them for granted, even in difficult times, look to see how God is showing His mercy.

2 - Experience the fragrance of the Lord, and sense the subtle shift in the atmosphere when the presence of God comes. Feel the peace He brings. 

3 - Take a sip, and receive His work. Welcome what the Lord is doing. Let Him fully align you with His plan. Submit to His ways and timing.

4 - Discern the flavor of the Holy Spirit...what is the Holy Spirit saying to you today:

God is so good! In the year of 5779: Taste and see that the Lord is good. 

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

Its time for your vision to come to birth, Bow before Him as King and worship Him. Receive a fresh outpouring of the Spirit.


Ken JensenJustin Kofoed