March 18, 2018

God and God Alone

Guest Speaker: Lincoln Murdoch

Humanism is slowly, but surely, taking over our culture. Sadly, it's taking over many churches as well. Disguised as the gospel, it's really just a pseudo-gospel. We could call it, "evangelical humanism." What is humanism?  It's center and goal is the glorification of man and his desires. It puts man's happiness above all else. Real, New Testament Christianity of course, has as it's center the glorification of God. God is the end, not man. God is ultimate, not man. God is God, man isn't.

Evangelical humanism says that God's exists for man's happiness. God exists as some sort of divine butler to wait on man's needs, wants and desires. Ultimately, man becomes the center of the universe and everything should revolve around him like the planets around the sun.

Many places in scripture we find the phrase, "...for God's name sake." Or, "...for my own name's sake." God does what he does for His own glory and pleasure. All things are created by Him and FOR Him and that includes you and me. We exist to bring Him glory, while He conforms us to the image of His son more and more. Why? So that in heaven HE get the maximum glory from us, and oh yes, while we're on earth too!

Are we living our lives for the sole purpose of the glorification of God? Do we see Him as a type of Santa Claus in the sky or butler ready to serve us instead of us serving Him?  Good questions to ponder. Don't be discouraged. We're all in process and as our hearts are open before Him, He can do His perfect work in us, changing us more and more until all we want is for Him to be the one that mankind lives to glorify.