April 15, 2018

**Message Audio not posted due to security reasons**


Tribe Recap April 15, 2018

We offer our deepest gratitude to our guest speaker who reminded us that an obedient life is powerful.  While we, in and ourselves, are merely human we serve an amazing God who can do all things through Christ which gives us the strength.  We can go to the outer reaches and reach the outer limits as Jesus commanded in the Great Commission.

Even a single life can alter eternity forever.  Abraham, Moses, Daniel, the Apostle Paul, and of course our Lord, all chose to obey the voice of God and subsequently made a huge impact in bringing life and hope to to a dark world.  Never underestimate God’s ability to use you to change history and eternity! 

God is capable of doing anything through you as he desires.  Like the prophet Daniel who was taken out of his country to serve in a far away land, may we influence leaders and speak a powerful message to many generations to follow.  May we all have the courage to step into our God-given destiny and embrace the adventure of a life completely devoted to our Lord!