August 12, 2017


Recap of Tribe Night - August 12, 2017

Do not underestimate the power of a community of friends who pray for each other!

What happened this past Saturday was more than a time of prayer for those of us going back to school; it was a time to band together, to crowd in, and to say, “You are my people.” Even the shortest prayer said under the trepidation of what others might think says, “What is important in your life is important to me.”

This attitude is exactly the form of love God has for us. It is the attitude that influenced Jesus to die in our place. He looked upon us with compassion and, in seeing our need, took action to provide the life-giving solution. Our lost and broken state caused us to be destined for the separation and suffering of hell, but Yahweh decided to intervene.

When we pray for a friend, we intervene. We set our own life to the side for a moment so we can contend for what is needed in their situation!

When we show up to give life, often God shows up. When we stick our neck out a little, when loving actions might cost us something, the presence of the Lord is attracted. This kind of courage creates an atmosphere strong enough to form identities.

In praying for each other Saturday we became something. Even just in risking a prayer into the microphone, we begin to BECOME the church. When we rise up to pray for and lift each other up we are BEING the church!

Being the church is not complicated. It’s as simple as praying for a friend in the time of their need or celebrating with them in the time of their triumph. It’s as clear and sitting with them in silence during their season of agony, or talking with them in their days of loneliness.

This is Jesus. This is love - seeing what is needed then stepping into the gap to fill the emptiness with the life you have to give. When we step out in compassion, we become the church, and the church as it turns out, is God’s vehicle to make all the earth beat with the rhythms of heaven.

Ken JensenJustin Kofoed