September 30, 2017


Tribe Recap of September 30, 2017 | Joshua 11-24

In Joshua chapter 11, Joshua and the people of Israel continue fighting the great battles God gave them. God encourages Joshua again, “do not be afraid,” though his enemies were as numerous as the “sand on the seashore.”

Joshua waged war a long time to gain the inheritance for the people. He waged war not only against a sea of enemies, but also against giants.

God knows how to defeat a host of problems but he also knows how to defeat big problems.

This is still true today.

In Joshua 21:43-45 we read a statement of victory, “the Lord gave Israel all the land,” and “rest on every side.” No one stood before Joshua and the plans God had for him; the people were given land for their inheritance and rest from war.

In the kind of world we live in, where massacre has become an occasional news story and natural disasters normal weather, it might seem impossible for God and his people to have victory over darkness and take the land, but we need to arm ourselves with the belief that God can do anything...and the mentality that in serving the world, we are taking ground for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our enemies aren’t people; our enemies are destructive mindsets and norms that don’t operate according to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our job is to fight battles in prayer and set up physical environments that serve people and bring life. This is our modern-day assignment of conquest.

Here are 4 life-changing questions to ask yourself...

  1. What area has God given you to occupy?

  2. Where can you take some ground back from darkness and destruction?

  3. Who can you serve with something needed?

  4. How can you set up an atmosphere or culture that honors God, demonstrates heaven, and takes good care of people?

Often it’s other people we think are the problem.

In chapter 22 the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and the half-tribe of Manasseh set up an altar on their side of the Jordan River after returning home from war. Because there was only supposed to be one altar, the other tribes considered this a great disobedience and came to fight against their brothers, thinking God would destroy them all if they didn’t. But after speaking together, the tribes realized the altar was really a monument to remind everyone that there is unity within Israel no matter which side of the river they lived on. There was no need to fight after talking; there was only relief and a sense of understanding for each other.

The most common enemy against the people of God is internal division based on misunderstanding, but there is a secret weapon against this!

Talk to each other!

When we seek to understand one another, even deep frustration often disappears. So talk to the brother you are frustrated with and ask him to tell you more about his or her perspective! Doing this will wage profoundly effective spiritual warfare.

Talk to each other, trust God, and take ground back from the darkness that loves to parade itself on the news.

A truer headline you’ll read is this: God’s ability though you to invade planet earth with his goodness and mercy is unstoppable.

Ken JensenJustin Kofoed