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We want to support families in their self-directed education program with resources and instruction. We would be honored to join you in providing a successful, well-rounded, and complete education!


  • 12 weeks (September 5 - November 21, 2019)

  • Thursday Afternoons - Classes run 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm


  • 55 minute classes - $97 for 12 week semester

  • 90 minute classes - $147 for 12 week semester

  • NOTE: Supply fees may apply


  • See ages listed for each class


4 CLASS OPTIONS (scroll for more info):

  • Chemistry - The Study of Matter

  • Progressive P.E. For Generation Z

  • Mixed Media Art

  • The Apprentice Chef: Cooking and Baking Essentials

  • BONUS: Quiet Adult Supervised Study Hall




Ken is a graduate of UNO & UNL with master’s degrees in Secondary Science Education and Educational Administration. 

He taught Honors Physics at Papillion La Vista High School and the International School of Kabul where he became the school principal.  Ken has years of teaching experience in the sciences including chemistry, physical science, and MYP Science (International Baccalaureate).

After beginning a career in education in Omaha, Nebraska, Ken and his wife Erin felt a call to move their family to Afghanistan to support the effort in rebuilding the country.  Ken worked in the field of education at the International School of Kabul and Erin worked in medicine as a nurse but later founded the Kabul Dance Studio offering much needed extra-curricular activities to girls and women. 

In 2014, after seven years in Kabul, the Jensens moved back to Omaha due to growing security concerns.  Ken felt called into ministry a short time later and became a pastor.  With a team of pioneering professionals, Tribe Church was founded in 2017, with Ken as the pastor.


Diane & Dylan Cahill - P.E.

Diane and Dylan are both certified personal trainers through ACSM and NASM. Diane has been in the fitness industry for 22 years, and Dylan has been in the industry for 3 years.

Diane has also taught numerous aerobics, bootcamps, cycling, boxing, and group training classes along with personal training and small group training, working with kids through older aged adults.

Dylan does group strength training for young elite athletes, for women, and also personal trains and consults with nutrition.

Diane and Dylan own a small business called Impact Training which focuses on women’s group strength training, training children, and one on one training for clients.


Monica Eby - ART & COOKING

Monica Eby has a lifetime of artist experience to “draw” from as she encourages and challenges her students. She is currently a Visual Arts instructor at The 402 Arts Collective and has formal training from college.

She is described as a “band teacher” of the visual arts world, experienced in various different forms of art mediums (acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and oil, dry mediums such as pencil, charcoal, colored pencil and pastels).

Her vision is to expose, encourage and instruct her students to unlock the artist within. God is the creator God! Students will experience God’s design as Monica assists them to develop their skills in expressive and creative ways.

Monica has a thriving baking business called Monicakes & Cookies. She has many years of experience cooking, baking and teaching her 3 adult daughters and now her Grandson how to do the same. Monica comes from a family with 6 siblings and a Mom who made most things from scratch. So making meals and baked goods was always a group effort. She transfers the same principals into her teaching environment. She calls it family style cooking!

Class Descriptions and Registration


CHEMISTRY – The Study of Matter

 Thursdays @ 12:30-2:30 pm

GRADES: 10th-12th

TEACHER: Ken Jensen

DESCRIPTION: Chemistry at Tribe Learning Community is designed to support the self-directed education program and goals of families who are pursuing homeschooling at the secondary level.  Where parents and guardians are responsible for grading, completion of homework, and observing state requirements, TLC Chemistry joins parents’ efforts in the successful completion of high school chemistry through comprehensive instruction of content in a God-honoring atmosphere that is inspiring to the student.

COST: Science supplies and equipment (costs shared by group)

NOTE: This class is the exception and it is a 15 week class.


Progressive P.E.
For Generation Z

Thursdays: 12:30-1:25 pm

AGES: 8-14 years

TEACHERS: Diane and Dylan Cahill

DESCRIPTION: This P.E./fitness class breaks the mold of the common P.E. class found in traditional schools. Progressive P.E. is led by certified personal trainers and certified nutritionists. The class is built to teach, empower and challenge.

Each of the 12 weeks will focus on a different type of training, and will bring new ideas, interests, and challenges to all who are involved.

Class format:

  • warm-up (5 minutes)

  • workout (30 – 35  minutes)

  • teaching time /games (10 minutes)

  • cool down/stretch/core strengthening (5 minutes)

COST: $97 per 12 week semester (55 minute class)

12 Weeks Topics

Week 1 – Emphasis:  Basics of movement, why should we move?
Workout:  Band resistance training, yoga ball strength training, circuit style training

Week 2 – Emphasis:  The problem with sugar.
Workout:  HIIT training (Tabata style training) mixed with band and body weight strength training

Week 3 – Emphasis:  Good/better/best: making the best food choice for the situation you are in.
Workout: Partner style training/ station work

Week 4 – Emphasis:  The importance of water - and the problem with high calorie drinks.
Workout:  Longer interval style training, 1-3 minutes (outside if possible) medicine ball workouts

Week 5 – Emphasis:  What is a macro nutrient? Basic definition of proteins, fats, carbs and what they do in our body.
Workout: Obstacle course style workout

Week 6 – Emphasis: What is a micro nutrient? Choosing to eat nutrient dense foods, and what that means.
Workout:  Bootcamp style training

Week 7 – Emphasis: Energy. What is it? What happens when we consume more energy than we expend?
Workout: CrossFit-style training (timed rounds and reps)

Week 8 – Emphasis: Working out, what are some creative ways we can do this?
Workout: Team style training, mini group workouts, team games and challenges

Week 9 – Emphasis:  Healthy snacks - what are some new ideas?
Workout:  Drill style training, sports style training, agility work, jump roping

Week 10 – Emphasis:  What is a cardio workout and how will it benefit me?
Workout:  Boxing style workout/ box with intervals/kickboxing

Week 11 – Emphasis:  What is a strength workout and how will it benefit me?
Workout:  Balance work, Pilates-style training, metabolic training with body weight and bands.

Week 12 – Emphasis:Body image and health - what is the most important reason
Workout: Combination of favorites, team games and challenges


Mixed Media Art

Thursdays: 1:30 - 2:25 pm

AGES: 8-14 years

TEACHER: Monica Eby

DESCRIPTION: Mixed media is a fun class to try a little bit of everything to give students a wide variety of mediums and artistic styles. Your student will be encouraged in creative thinking and will be able to experiment with mediums, materials and ideas. This class is perfect for the budding artist!

COST: $97 per 12 week semester (55 minute class)

FEES: Art Supplies $20


  • Week 1 – Acrylic – students will follow instructions on a specific project (abstract)

  • Week 2 – Watercolor - students will follow instructions on a specific project (field of flowers)

  • Week 3 – Oil – students will follow instructions on a specific project (still life)

  • Week 4 – Gouache - students will follow instructions on a specific project (clouds over lake)

Intro to Dry Medium – 2 projects Objectives: We will study the principles of each medium and basic shadowing

  • Week 5 – Charcoal and pencil focus on self portrait

  • Week 6 - Pastel chalks focus on landscape

Personalized Journal 6 weeks Objectives: Learning basic calligraphy, book binding, and multi medium illustration using the mediums we have been learning about we will create a journal/sketch book.

  • Week 7 – Discuss Project directives – Thumb nails scriptures/quotes, mediums/design each page and ideas for cover

  • Week 8 – Calligraphy instructions and practice

  • Week 9 – Begin sketches, drawings and painting (student chooses 3 favorite mediums)

  • Week 10 – Finish Designs and add Calligraphy

  • Week 11 – Finish Pages and begin cover design

  • Week 12 – Finish Cover design and bind book


The Apprentice Chef: Cooking and Baking Essentials

Thursdays @ 2:30 - 4:00 pm

AGES: 8-14 years

TEACHER: Monica Eby

DESCRIPTION: To provide a creative and fun class environment the promotes creative thinking and exposure to various cooking and baking utensils, techniques and principles. Each class will be broken into small groups. Each group will prepare and cook their portion of the assignment. 30 minutes before the end of class we will discuss and share the food we prepared and clean up together.

COST: $147 per 12 week semester (90 minute class)

FEES: $50 for cooking supplies and ingredients. Families will also have the opportunity to bring a few items already in their pantry at home!


Intro to Cooking

  • Week 1 – Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
    Talk about how to make a basic rue and talk about starches. How to use thickening agents such as flour, corn starch and potato water. Differences in broth, bouillon.

  • Week 2 – Basics in cooking/eating Vegetables
    What happens to the nutrients at different stages of cooking? We will prepare raw, steamed, baked, grilled and deep fried.

  • Week 3 – Pasta!!!
    We will talk about the different types of pasta, the uses of pasta and what makes up pasta. We will cook a couple of different kinds to see the differences Egg noodles VS spaghetti, wheat vs flour, and gluten vs non gluten. We will incorporate 2-3 different sauces to do taste tests.

  • Week 4 – Cooking Meat
    We will discuss the different terminology: Searing, Brine, Curing/ Aging, resting. We will experiment with frying, grilling and baking. Hamburger (meatloaf, hamburgers, and sloppy joes or Chicken – home made chicken nuggets (battered deep frying) Grilled and shredded with green chili sauce for tacos, and baked/roasted.

  • Week 4 – We make a Meal Plan
    We will create a menu from the lessons we just learned. We make a grocery list and go shopping. We will learn how to price compare and work in a budget. We will do prep work (chopping and measuring) and freeze all the items for next lesson.

  • Week 5 – Prepare and Eat
    we break into 3 groups and prepare our portions of the meal and have a dinner together.

Intro to Baking

  • Week 6 - Cookies
    Discuss the basic make up of all cookies and cakes and how they are different. Each group will make a basic sugar cookie, chocolate chip cookie and chocolate drop cookie. We will vary the baking times to get different results. We will freeze a few of the sugar cookies for a later lesson in week 8.

  • Week 7 – Cakes
    Discuss the basic make up of all cakes the importance of the mixture of ingredients and quality of ingredients in order to get the desired result. Each group will make 2 basic yellow, chocolate and red velvet mini cake. We will sample one of each flavor and talk about differences and principles.

  • Week 8 – Icing/ Frosting
    Butter cream, whipped and two different types of Royal icing. (Possibly a Ganache). We will do taste tests and comparisons. Discuss tricks and best practices. Then we will frost/ ice the cakes and cookies from lessons 6 and 7.

  • Week 9 – Pies
    We will make a pie crust from scratch and a graham cracker crust (Save 3 graham cracker crusts for lesson 10). We will fill our pies with a fruit filling, pumpkin and homemade chocolate pudding. We will make our own whipped cream and compare with cool whip. Pros and cons.

  • Week 10 - Cheesecake
    We use the prepare graham cracker crust from lesson 9 and fill with three different cheese cake flavors. New York style, Chocolate and strawberry – possibly learn about presentation and sauces.

  • Week 11 - Dessert Bar Preparation
    We prepare a dessert bar for parents and grandparents to come and enjoy. We choose a menu from our previous lessons and go shopping for ingredients. We price compare and do prep work for final class

  • Week 12 - Dessert Bar Party
    We will do final decorations and sauces for our dessert bar and make coffee and tea to round out the menu. Each student will prepare a short presentation to the group (parents and grandparents) about their favorite lesson, what they didn’t know and how this class has affected their life.




Thursdays @ 12:30 - 4:00 PM

AGES: 8-18 years (any student taking at least one other class at the Tribe Learning Community - or their siblings)

MONITOR: Julie Ostrand

DESCRIPTION: Need more time to complete school work? This study hall is designed to create space for students to work on school assignments. This is perfect if you want your student to take 1 or 2 classes at the Tribe Learning Community - but also want them to have more time set aside for school work (and need to drop or pick them up earlier/later).

This can also work well if you want to drop off siblings of students.

NOTE: Tutoring is not provided…but this class will be a “quiet study hall” with an adult supervising.


No need to register.

Students can drop-in.